RAVENNA gaining ground

ALC NetworX has disclosed details of three new partnerships – with AETA Audio, Digigram and Georg Neumann – relating to its IP-based real-time audio/media distribution technology, RAVENNA.
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ALC NetworX has disclosed details of three new partnerships – with AETA Audio, Digigram and Georg Neumann – relating to its IP-based real-time audio/media distribution technology, RAVENNA.

The flurry of announcements around this year’s IBC show confirms an escalating momentum behind RAVENNA, which is able to operate on standard networking infrastructures.

France-based portable audio equipment and IP codec specialist AETA Audio Systems is one of three new additions to the ranks of RAVENNA supporters. The company’s DG, Christophe Mahoux, described the technology as “a perfect fit for our innovative audio codecs as it provides a powerful, highly flexible and future-proof audio and control interface for the highly integrated systems being used with state of the art newsrooms. These features will provide additional key benefits for our clients.”

French sound card, IP codec and digital audio networking technology developer Digigram will contribute expert knowledge to the RAVENNA community, and may also provide bridge solutions between IP- and Ethernet-based solutions and different application markets.

Philippe Delacroix, president & CEO of Digigram, commented: “Offering state-of-the-art audio quality, and efficient, powerful yet easy-to-use solutions through innovation has always been at the core of Digigram’s commitment to the broadcast community. For this very reason, IP audio has been a key component of our strategy and is embedded in our audio networking solutions since 2007 with full compatibility with EBU N/ACIP recommendations for AoIP contributions over WANs.

“The RAVENNA protocol offers a host of neat features for synchronous Audio-over-IP distribution, (particularly for large-scale broadcast production facilities) based on open, existing standards. It was therefore a logical step for Digigram and entirely in keeping with our own in-house IP audio developments to offer bridges to/from the RAVENNA ecosystem. Broadcasters and audio professionals opting for RAVENNA networking for their IP audio deployments will be able to integrate Digigram equipment into their system to create the best possible infrastructure.”

Finally, leading microphone manufacturer Georg Neumann GmbH has also joined the RAVENNA member group.

Stephan Peus, president development, Neumann, commented: “We are pleased to have found in RAVENNA an open and IP-based network technology. Besides handling the audio stream, it also provides the possibility to remote control our digital microphones, thereby facilitating their full integration with mixing consoles. [...] We believe that RAVENNA, with its growing number of participating companies, will find rapid diffusion and acceptance, in the studio as well as in the recording world.”

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX, added: “Neumann is a welcome addition to the RAVENNA group as the company has a long-standing tradition in the professional audio market. With its experience in microphone and speaker design it will strengthen the knowledge base of the RAVENNA community and – together with the existing members – broadens the spectrum of RAVENNA-enabled products and solutions for the Professional Broadcast market. The growing support for the RAVENNA community underlines the demand for an IP-based media distribution technology based on open technology and standards.”




RAVENNA seminar next month

There are a few days left to register for the first public technical seminar on the RAVENNA Audio over IP technology. The Munich-based company behind RAVENNA, ALC NetworX, will hold the event on 21 March.


First RAVENNA spec revealed

ALC NetworX – the company behind the RAVENNA real-time IP-based media distribution technology – has released a draft specification outling technological principles/requirements and compliance guidelines.