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ProQloud, pro-audio website builder, launches

The drag-and-drop tool was created "by creative professionals for creative professionals"

A new web-based service designed to make website construction and business management easy for freelancers and studios in the professional audio, broadcast and production industries has launched. ProQloud, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, is aimed at studio owners, sound engineers, record producers, session musicians, location sound recordists, editors and cameramen.

The business was set up by a group of Welsh audio professionals who struggled to create a convincing online presence for their studio. “Ten years ago we simply had to commission and build our own website,” comments Donal Whelan, ProQloud’s managing director, “[but t]hese days, while there are countless companies offering easy website construction tools, none have really thought about what a freelancer or a facility in the audio or broadcast business needs. You can put something together using social media web sites, but then the first thing prospective clients see when they check you out is the social media logo, not your name or company.

“With ProQloud, you create something bespoke that’s professional and specific to you, but without having to spend a lot of your precious time – so you can get on with making music or editing films, or whatever your creative speciality might be.”

ProQloud websites are designed work equally well on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, and importing audio files and videos for showreels has been made as easy as possible, as has blogging and integration with social media accounts.

Payment of a small monthly subscription gives users access to “carbon-neutral” cloud hosting and site construction tools, including the ability to patch in their own domain name. A premium option, Qloud+, gives users a suite of business tools built in to their web platform, including unlimited file transfer facilities, invoicing, a web store and online payments.

“Most creative professionals don’t have the time to effectively broadcast their abilities to their prospective clients,” says Whelan. “We understand these issues because we’ve grappled with them ourselves. Being a freelancer in these industries is about making your creativity pay, and we believe ProQloud is a game-changer in that respect.”