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INFOCOMM 2014: PreSonus makes large-scale PA and installation market bid

WorxAudio deal pre-empts serious approach to higher-end pro-audio applications.

PreSonus has announced the acquisition of loudspeaker manufacturer WorxAudio Technologies, Inc. of North Carolina.

The move will enable PreSonus to add considerable muscle to the professional loudspeaker development plans it set in motion at the NAMM show in January 2013, particular in the realm of “drivers, system and mechanical design, system tuning, and rigging system design”. In addition, says the Louisiana-based company, WorxAudio’s knowledge of the commercial sound and portable/touring markets will help PreSonus develop the infrastructure required to support the specific requirements of those customers.

Founded in 1979 by CEO and director of engineering Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio designs and manufactures a range of line array, point source, sub-bass, stage monitor, and related loudspeaker systems and accessories. The brand is a major provider of loudspeaker systems in the house of worship market, professional touring, and corporate AV channels, but has little penetration outside of North America.

“This is a logical move for us,” observes PreSonus CEO Jim Mack. “Our StudioLive AI series loudspeakers are great for small to medium-sized venues, but the advanced DSP platform utilised in the AI speaker line, including the optional Dante networking capability, is extremely valuable for systems designed for much larger venues and environments. The acquisition of WorxAudio significantly extends our product line to provide advanced networked loudspeaker systems to a much larger audience. Further, this acquisition brings us extremely valuable engineering system design expertise and technology, as well as loudspeaker manufacturing expertise.”

WorxAudio was one of the first loudspeaker companies to implement ‘FIRmaker’, a software tool developed by AFMG of Berlin (the company behind EASE) and released last year. FIRmaker enables a PA system to be quickly primed for optimal audience coverage in the particular venue.

Recognised as one of the fastest growing and progressive companies in the pro-audio industry, PreSonus has a worldwide sales channel and, in recent years, has significantly expanded its operations, marketing and branding, testing facilities, and technical/customer support.

“Like WorxAudio, PreSonus is engineering-driven,” comments Sarvis. “We’re excited about combining our engineering know-how with PreSonus’ networking, software, and signal-processing technology to develop groundbreaking and highly competitive new professional audio products.”

PreSonus chairman Kevin Kouhig is pictured, left, with WorxAudio founder Sarvis (centre), and PreSonus CEO Jim Mack.

PreSonus products are distributed by HHB Communications/Source in the UK. Source’s Howard Jones confirmed the company will carry the PA lines as they come online, under the responsibility of recently recruited live sound specialist Tim Gray.