Powersoft consolidates Green credentials with manufacturing partnership

Powersoft has long cooperated with MetaSystem Group company MW.FEP for electronic board production, but as the result of a newly-minted agreement, MW.FEP is also handling responsibilities for assembly and final QC.
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The Italian amplifier manufacturer has also announced the launch of the five-model-strong M Series, writes David Davies. Already well-known for its Green Audio Power trademark, Powersoft is working to maximise the environmental sensitivity of its manufacturing processes.

Powersoft has long cooperated with MetaSystem Group company MW.FEP for electronic board production, but as the result of a newly-minted agreement, MW.FEP is also handling responsibilities for assembly and final QC. The deal encompasses production of all K, Q, D, LD, LQ and QTU rack-mount amplifiers at Powersoft's facility in San Giovanni, as well as all Powersoft amplifier modules at its Ronchi dei Legionari site. These manufacturing plants feature solar cell electricity production and are said to offer the "most advanced" automatic assembly, visual inspection and in-circuit testing systems for efficient production.

Powersoft's Luca Giorgi tells PSN-e: "MW.FEP has more than 40 years' experience in manufacturing top quality and high technology electronic boards for many different sectors ranging from automotive to telecommunications, and since the beginning has cooperated with Powersoft. They brought their experience and their state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. In addition to the above, the same group has a division dealing with solar cells and therefore we [also] had access to this important part of clean energy availability that is reinforcing the green aspects of our products."

"We at Powersoft believe that it is not enough to make a highly efficient power amplifier by using traditional energy and resource-wasting manufacturing paradigms. We have made manufacturing partnerships with key, green-conscious technology companies to ensure our green design philosophy begins with manufacturing," added Claudio Lastrucci, managing director of Powersoft, pictured (left) during a recent visit to the San Giovanni site with Maryland Sound International's Kurt Springer (right).

As to how Powersoft will seek to further enhance its green credentials in the future, Giorgi says that the company will continue "the education process, especially with end-users, explaining that the green campaign is made of many small contributions from everybody. We believe that as a manufacturer we must play our role in designing and manufacturing products that will use energy efficiently, [as well as giving] a value to these aspects from the end-user's side."

In other developments, Powersoft has introduced the M Series power amplifiers, comprising two four-channel and three two-channel versions. Each occupying a 1RU chassis, the M Series models feature Powersoft's advanced plug-in module and the ability to make tamper-prove settings for crossover frequency and curves, basic system EQ and protection functions. While the M50Q and M28Q four-channel models deliver up to 1,250W/ch into 4 ohms, the M30D, M20D and M14D offer two channels each with a maximum output of 1,500W/ch at 4 ohms. The new amplifiers will be available later this year with the same AESOP network technology as is available for the K Series.

"Because of our advanced engineering and design, we will be able to offer M Series amplifiers at a very attractive price without compromising the sound quality and features," said Lastrucci. "This makes the M Series outstanding value for small-to-medium sized PA systems and stage monitors for live music and DJ applications. Even for dry hire, M Series is safe with the DSP 'hidden' inside. Clubs, bars and other entertainment venues often have to pay extra for their systems to be tamper-proof. The M Series includes this as standard."

Speaking to PSNE for a forthcoming feature on the theatre market, Powersoft business development manager Thomas Mittelmann expected the M Series to be "received very well by theatre clients because it [offers] fantastic value and benefits including efficient energy consumption and long-term reliability".



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