Pascal announces buyout of shareholder Camco

OEM amp maker achieves autonomy following L-Group deal
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Pascal A/S, the Copenhagen-based amplifier module developer, has announced the buyout of its minority shareholder Camco, by its Danish founding team.

The buyout – facilitated through the creation of a new umbrella company, Pascal Capital – follows the acquisition of Camco by L-Group, the holding company for L-Acoustics, in early November 2016.

Pascal CEO and co-owner Lars Fenger explains: “The buyout of our minority shareholder allows us to continue as a fully independent OEM provider of amplifier solutions to the pro-audio industry. As far as we are aware, we are the only OEM amplifier module provider solely focusing on the pro-audio market, fully autonomous of potentially conflicting house-branded product.

“We are thankful for the more than 10 years of collaboration with Camco, who today use our patented technology and designs in all of their Class-D based amplifiers.”

On plans for the future, Fenger suggests: “We are now even better positioned to accelerate an already impressive growth rate, as more and more loudspeaker manufacturers seek means to ever faster times to market, for expanding and increasingly diverse product ranges.”

Pascal has recently been awarded the Gazelle Award by Denmark’s national newspaper Borsen, an honour only conferred on Danish companies that have "generated continuous growth in turnover or gross profit over the last four years, and more than doubled their turnover or gross profit in that period".

Pictured are the Pascal founding team with their fourth Borsen Gazelle Awards (L-R): Jesper Lind Hansen, senior R&D specialist; CEO Lars Fenger; senior VP business development, Peter Frentz



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