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Niavac buys 30 AKG CS3 conference systems

The CS3 is a modular conference system, unfettered by "confusing button-pressing protocols".

Belfast-based AV specialist Niavac has added AKG’s CS3 conference system to its rental inventory.

The CS3 is a modular conference system suitable for use in most venues, from “corporate boardrooms to council chambers”, says AKG.

One CS3 base unit can support 60 microphones connected to a PA, recording interface, external audio sources or camera control. A robust interface connector makes it easy to interchange the microphones.

Niavac managing director James Conlon, says: “We were recommended to AKG by a third party, but we also looked at the offerings of the other market leaders. I did a complete trawl and then contacted distributor Sound Technology, placing an order for a 30-station system.”

Conlon adds: “We needed the new system quickly, and having had a demonstration of some of the other brands AKG won out on sheer quality, the reliability we had experienced with the brand before, its ease of operation, its competitive price and the fact that it would sit easily in our existing transit boxes. Also it looked very corporate friendly; with other systems we reviewed [operators] were confused by the button-pressing protocols.”