NETIA celebrates 20 years of Assist-ance

French broadcast software specialist NETIA celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Radio-Assist 8, NETIA's production and management tool, is used all over the world.
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French broadcast software specialist NETIA celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.

Founded in July 1993 in Claret (near Montpellier) by Christophe Carniel and Pierre Keiflin, both engineers from L'École des Mines d'Alès, the company has grown into a leading supplier of media asset management (MAM) and content delivery systems.

"From its humble beginnings 20 years ago, NETIA has evolved into a strong company and a leader within a competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace," says Philippe Fort, CEO at NETIA. "Through the years, our agility, our unparalleled research and development department, and our willingness to meet the specific needs of our customers have made NETIA a success in delivering valuable, forward-looking solutions for smart, cost-effective media production, management, and content delivery for radio and TV broadcasters throughout the world."

NETIA launched its first product range, News-Assist, in 1995 to enable audio storage, editing, and mixing. A second product, Video-Assist, enabled France-based Euronews to deliver its broadcast programming in the language appropriate to each of its target regions.

NETIA went on to work with key partners in the broadcast space – such as France Telecom, Sony, and EVS – to design and deliver solutions, including the U-Share product, that facilitate more efficient handling of digital AV content and its metadata.

In 1999, following the acquisition of Audio Follow and its music planning and broadcast production technology, NETIA introduced the first version of its acclaimed Radio-Assist package, which today is deployed in more than 40 countries. In 2000, the company enhanced its Radio-Assist solution and secured major contracts with international radio and television broadcasters. The most recent generation of the Radio-Assist software stands at version 8 and facilitates "ingest, editing, scheduling, broadcast, multicast, archiving, data security and administration via a single user interface".

With the 2005 addition of Manreo, NETIA completed its range of video solutions and laid the foundation for the NETIA Media Asset Management solution and then the NETIA CMS (Content Management System), announced in 2010.

NETIA became part of the GlobeCast family in 2008 (a subsidiary of France Telecom), and currently employs 60 people – many of whom can be seen in this photo.



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