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Neil Hauser (1928–2015)

The former head of Allen & Heath has died after a long illness

Neil Hauser, former managing director of Allen & Heath, died on 13 February 2015 after a long illness, aged 87.

Glenn Rogers, Allen & Heath’s MD, writes: “Neil Hauser was one of the early leaders of Allen & Heath and was instrumental in the company’s initial development and success. After Steve Batiste, Andy Bereza and Andrew Stirling had formed Allen & Heath in 1969, the business found itself in some disarray when these three audio pioneers left to pursue different projects. It was at this point that Hauser came in and stabilised the company financially; he pulled off the acquisition of Brenell to form AHB, and also joined MBI, and instigated the sale of A&H to Harman in 1991.

“Neil instigated A&H’s move from central London to the current site in Penryn [in Cornwall] in the early ’80s, which heralded the System 8, Syncon, and Sigma recording consoles and, with MBI, franchised radio installations.

“Neil returned to operations at head office and handed over the management of the company to John Ball in 1986. With his wife Rhoda, he attended Allen & Heath’s 40th birthday party celebrations at the Gherkin in 2009, proving that the company was still very much in his heart.” (The photo shows Glenn, Rhoda and Neil at that event.)

Neil Hauser’s funeral took place in Bushey, Herts, on 15 February.