Munro Acoustics founder to speak at SustainabilityAV

Andy Munro will discuss the measures that can be taken to create more energy-efficient studios when he participates in PSNE/IE’s online conference.
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Andy Munro will discuss the measures that can be taken to create more energy-efficient studios when he participates in the SustainabilityAV conference, co-hosted by Pro Sound News Europe and Installation Europe, writes David Davies.

The free-to-attend virtual conference will take place on 3 December 2010. Full programme and speaker details are now available at the dedicated website,

Across a host of presentations and interactive Q&As, the green-themed conference will demonstrate to attendees how they can run their businesses in a more environmentally-friendly way, manage budgets more effectively, and improve the marketing of green ethics and business practices to customers, stakeholders and peer groups.

A former applications engineer with Shure Microphones, Andy Munro established Munro Acoustics in 1980 and has gone on to become one of the UK’s most acclaimed acoustic consultants, working on projects in the recording, broadcast and film studio sectors.

For his contribution to SustainabilityAV, Munro will be emphasising the fact that “when designing studios you can do it from an ecological point of view. Studios consume energy – there’s no two ways about it – but you can mitigate that by using natural and recycled materials.”

The advent of computer-based recording and mixing has led to some notable reductions in studio energy consumption, while some private individuals and major companies (Munro cites the BBC and Sky) have made the issue a priority in developing new facilities. But as Munro admits, there is a long way to go: “It’s still pretty low down on the list with corporates.”

In any case, delivering energy efficiency can never be simply about the studio space itself; it requires an holistic approach that also encompasses staff practices, auxiliary services and more.

“After all,” observes Munro, “it’s no good saving a few kilowatts on the annual consumption of your studio then driving home in a Range Rover.”

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