Midas, KT provide AES 50 network for IBC events

As in previous years, Midas and Klark Teknik provided a wealth of product solutions and support for the technical seminar and presentation schedule at IBC, the latest instalment of which took place earlier this month.
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As in previous years, Midas and Klark Teknik provided a wealth of product solutions and support for the technical seminar and presentation schedule at IBC, the latest instalment of which took place earlier this month.

The project saw Midas/KT working in close conjunction with Terry Nelson (pictured) and Sean O’Dea of IBC Technical Resources.

In 2009 a Midas PRO6 live audio system was used for the first time, providing an AES50 network solution as the backbone of the entire audio system, pristine audio reproduction and a distributed connection solution. This year a PRO9 system further enhanced this by offering additional audio processing power and using its networking capabilities to the full.

The PRO9 acted as a central distribution point for the audio system, allowing the team to bypass the entire analogue infrastructure. A Klark Teknik Rapide graphic controller and DN530 quad gates plus DN540 quad compressors completed the Midas Klark Teknik network, while KT DN9848E, DN9340E and DN9344E loudspeaker processors and EQs were used in various conference rooms for system control and calibration.

Seven Dolby DMA8+ digital media interfaces in the IBC theatre’s control room were connected to the PRO9 network via two DL351 configurable I/O boxes. The Dolby devices were used for 5.1 or 7.1 surround reproduction, using dedicated input channels in the PRO9 mix engine and requiring no manual re-patching in the control room. This set-up offered a reliable playout solution for 3D movie presentations including Transformers 3 and Flying Monsters, as well as exclusive 3D preview extracts from Titanic and Cirque du Soleil. All the audio was balanced, controlled and tweaked from the PRO9 control centre.

Further Midas I/O boxes were used to distribute audio around the venue. A DL451 configurable I/O box was used for microphone inputs and foldback on stage, routed via the AES50 network to the Midas Heritage console being used for seminars and Q&A sessions. The Heritage also had its own DL451 to receive inputs from stage and send outputs back to the PRO9. Another DL451 was used for additional playout inputs from a Doremi server on the upper balcony, as well as for additional AES/EBU outputs for ‘stings’ during the IBC Awards ceremony.

“This is the third year that we have used the Midas PRO digital console and it has been a real problem solver,” said Nelson. “Moving up to a full network system with the in-house Heritage was also very positive. The ability to access multichannel stems at the touch of a VCA button and work with individual channels on the fly has made presentations a lot smoother and more polished. The console sounds great and is easy to work with.

“A comment by the Cameron team of an ‘echo’ (short room reverb) on the dialogue track on Titanic was something that I was able to correct with some gentle gating, plus I removed an aggressive honk with the EQ. The gentlemen pronounced the sound as ‘perfect’, and you really can’t ask for better!”





Midas network for 18-band event

Three PRO6s and three DL431 mic splitters comprised a Midas digital network specified for La Nuite Africaine, a recent event at the 80,000-capacity Stade de France, Paris, featuring no fewer than 18 bands.

Midas/KT's Alex Cooper completes Gottelier audio hat-trick

UK: For the third year in a row, a notable figure from the world of pro-audio has picked up the Gottelier Award, writes David Davies. From a field of nine nominees drawn from the audio and lighting sectors, Midas/Klark Teknik head of design Alex Cooper was the recipient of the 2009 Gottelier Award.

Jason Kelly assumes new role at Midas/KT

UK: The former Shuttlesound sales consultant is Midas/Klark Teknik's new technical sales manager, reports PSN-e. Jason Kelly - who has also worked as a sound engineer and system designer, and headed up his own rental and production company - is the first to take on the newly-created role at Midas/Klark Teknik. He is replaced at Shuttlesound by Rob Hughes, previously a production manager at SSE.

Gaming in the spotlight at AES event

Audio director, consultant and content provider John Broomhall (pictured) will present the keynote address during the AES International Audio for Games Conference, which takes place in London next month.

Rental companies selecting Midas PRO3

Richard Ferriday confirms that “numerous” rental houses are choosing the PRO3 digital audio system as their entry to Midas digital mixing. Meanwhile, four PRO9s are being installed within a single networked solution in Iceland.