Metal stalwarts tour with flown EAW system

An EAW KF7460 line array system was an integral part of the audio spec during Iron Maiden’s extensive Final Frontier world tour. (Image credit: John McMurtrie, with (c) Iron Maiden Holdings Ltd)
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An EAW KF7460 line array system was an integral part of the audio spec during Iron Maiden’s Final Frontier world tour, production for which was handled by ML Executives.

The extensive EAW system provided by ML Executives featured 72 KF760s, 24 KF761 downfills, 24 SB1002 subwoofers and 16 BH760 subs.

The band’s FOH supremo, Doug Hall, reviewed a number of line arrays before opting for a KF760-based configuration. “Some were too polite or created too much backwash… others simply ran out of gas in he low-mids,” he recalled. “Then I came across the KF760 after being introduced to it by Moray McMillin on the Deep Purple tour. All frequencies are horn-loaded and near enough the same compression and dispersion angle, and everything runs out about the same, with consistent throw of the horn.

“As for the [flown] SB1002s I wanted a full range sound to be heard upstairs and the subs to be overlapping with the horn-loaded BH760 ground stacks down to around 40Hz, without hurting people.”

Line array systems engineer Mike Hackman worked closely with Hall, producing rigging plot predictions via EAW Resolution software to optimise low frequency consistency and protect against the risk of sub-bass bleed-back. He also ran SMAART v6 for alignment.

“Using the presets we’ve tailored over the past eight years makes the response more predictable,” said Hackman. “With a ten or 12-box line in the air we get a lot of vertical cancellation and we can deliver a punchy sound.”

Image credit: John McMurtrie, with (c) Iron Maiden Holdings Ltd



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