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KMR Audio expands into Germany

KMR Audio managing director Keith Malin speaks exclusively to PSNEurope about the company’s expansion, just days before the official launch party in celebration of the new branch in Berlin.

UK-based pro-audio supplier KMR Audio has expanded into Germany, creating a purpose built professional recording studio as a showroom in its new branch in Berlin. The demonstration facilities, located in the Noisy Rooms rehearsal complex in the city district of Friedrichshain, feature an API 1608 console in a functioning control room with a live room for real world demonstrations of any equipment customers may wish to try. The official launch party took place at the new branch on Saturday, 27 July. Speaking exclusively to PSNEurope, KMR Audio MD Keith Malin said: “At Messe in 2012 I had a feeling that KMR should be operating in Germany. I knew lots of people, couldn’t see an obvious KMR equivalent and even had some exclusive lines there. The only thing missing was the guy to run it.” “I asked about and got the same name separately three times. When I met Andrew Myburgh I knew he was the one. Lovely bloke, knew loads about gear and the market and was a really solid trustworthy ‘on it’ type. It was love at first sight.” The new venture is funded by KMR Audio, who has a 51% share of the business, while co-owner Myburgh retains the remaining 49% share. As well as being the exclusive supplier in Germany for Endless Analog CLASP, Coleman Audio, Buzz Audio, ShinyBox, Standard Audio, Overstayer, Steve Philips Acoustics, Serpent Audio and AwTac, KMR will supply all the usual pro-audio brand names. “After Messe it all happened really quickly. We shared exactly the same vision. And a year later, we’re open for business. In fact, business has been really good already…and we haven’t really got started.”