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K&F co-founder Martin Kling dead at 54

Former chief developer loses health battle

Martin Kling, co-founder and former chief developer of German loudspeaker manufacturer Kling & Freitag GmbH, passed away at the weekend, the company reports.

Kling, 54, had been “battling some serious health problems” since leaving the Hannover-based business in 2008, but his death was still described in a statement as “unexpected”.

Martin Kling and Jürgen Freitag started developing speaker systems in the 1980s onwards, with worldwide recognition being reached from around the turn of the century. While the company’s most successful design was the CA 106 compact speaker, many other speaker systems were also developed by Kling, such as the ACCESS two-way speakers, Line 212 full-range series and the SEQUENZA 10 line array.

Kling withdrew from the company for personal and family reasons seven years ago.

“I’ve had precious moments with Martin,” said Jurgen Freitag in the statement. “Sometimes we sat together late into the night and worked meticulously on new ideas for loudspeaker systems. ‘Only the best is good enough’ was always his motto, which still applies to us today. Without Martin, the company and the Kling & Freitag brand would not exist in this form. For that, I am very grateful to him!”

Kling & Freitag will “miss Martin very much and our thoughts are with his family, relatives and friends”.