Swedish JLE Audio AB invests in DiGiCo

The system was purchased through DiGiCo's Swedish distributor, Soundware
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JLE Audio DiGiCo :: PSNEurope

Swedish rental company JLE Audio AB has recently invested in a DiGiCo SD5, SD10 and SD-Rack, purchased through DiGiCo’s Swedish distributor, Soundware.

“We had received many requests for DiGiCo consoles,” said JLE’s Johannes Jonsson. “DiGiCo consoles are very rider-friendly, powerful and flexible, and the sound quality is excellent. This combination means that as well as fulfilling the request for the concert, the purchase made sense as an investment. The consoles are a very useful asset as part of our rental stock, not least because we already have more than 200 L-Acoustics loudspeakers and the combination of the two brands allows us to handle any project that comes our way.”

The new system was sent straight out for a joint concert of gospel legends Kirk Franklin, from the US, and Samuel Ljungblahd, the biggest gospel singer in Sweden.

The SD5 handled monitor requirements, whilst the SD10 was at the front of house position. The decision was made to use them on the show, partly because of the request on the rider, but not least for the audio quality.

The front of house SD5 had a total of 126 inputs, including FX returns, 33 stereo Aux and nine mono sends. The SD10 handled 118 inputs with FX returns and a Waves server.

“The Snapshots management is really good as is all the possibilities with macros,” said Jonsson. “The service from Soundware has been excellent. Their support is first class and we got the right help at the right time. Everybody is really happy with the consoles.”

JLE has now added an SD12 and a SD-Mini Rack with 32-bits card to its inventory.


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