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InfoComm 2013: show preview

Billed as the largest pro-AV show in the world, InfoComm returns to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando very soon. With conferences from 8-14 June and the exhibition opening on 12 June, attendees can look forward to a packed schedule of education, training and technology debuts.

Billed as the largest pro-AV show in the world, InfoComm returns to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando very soon. With conferences from 8-14 June and the exhibition opening on 12 June, attendees can look forward to a packed schedule of education, training and technology debuts.
Live events, technology for worship and AV in the hospitality sector will all be highlighted during the event. A host of education opportunities are available to the live events professional, including ‘Staging and Live Events Management’ with InfoComm International’s Andre LeJeune; ‘Elements of AV Design’ with Mario J Maltese of Audio Visual Resources Inc; and ‘Principles of Live Mixing’ with Meyer Sound’s Burford Jones.
InfoComm is also partnering with education provider SynAudCon to provide audio training to attendees. SynAudCon will present ‘Sound Reinforcement for Technicians’, a three-day multimedia seminar beginning on 9 June, with hands-on exercises for audio technicians, and a second course entitled ‘The Acoustical Site Survey’, which will review methods to quantify acoustical qualities of a space and room metrics including clarity, reverberation and early-decay time.
The Technologies for Worship conference will take place in the Technologies for Worship pavilion, alongside product demos and live performances on the Quiet Stage. The conference will cover everything from training volunteers to ‘Understanding Acoustics in Worship’.
InfoComm 2013 will also showcase emerging products and best practices in the hospitality sector. “Top-quality, reliable audiovisual systems are a must-have for the hospitality manager,” said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International, “and InfoComm 2013 is the place to see the latest gear and get the necessary training to satisfy demanding clients.” Show floor

The new Ashly nX family of Class D amplifiers will be launched in Orlando. Delivering up to 12,000W of clean power while drawing less than 1W in sleep mode, nX amplifiers are offered in four- or two-channel versions with selectable high-Z (70/100V) or low-Z output on each channel. nX model variants include the addition of Ethernet control and onboard Protea DSP with load monitoring, to meet the requirements of modern fixed installation and live sound applications. Clear-Com will launch the enhanced HelixNet Partyline intercom system. The new version will include a multi-system linking capability to deliver a cost-effective intercom solution for accessing up to 20 digital partyline channels, five program audio feeds and 100 digital beltpacks. Enabling this capability are two new modules: the HLI-ET2 Ethernet Module, for Main Station-to-Main Station networking over fibre or a LAN (Local Area Network), and the HLI-FBS Fiber Module, for daisy-chaining fibre interfaces to link main stations over long distances.
Also on the Clear-Com booth, Optocore will showcase a new range of MADI switches. Equipped with 10 or 18 ports of MADI, the switches allow distribution over Cat5 cabling, in addition to MADI-over-fibre and MADI-over-BNC. The RJ45 MADI ports on the new products will introduce greater flexibility, lower cost and simplified MADI connectivity. Additionally, each switch has two redundant high-speed, 2GB fibre uplink ports that switch and route 16 MADI streams and Ethernet to create larger switches for bigger infrastructures. Community Professional Loudspeakers is introducing the Commercial Design Series, a comprehensive family of ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeakers designed to meet the needs of installations requiring high performance at a competitive price. Commercial Design models offer a choice of 4.5”, 6.5” and 8” driver sizes. The series was designed to complement Community’s Distributed Design family of ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeakers in a combined installation. For this reason, Commercial Design utilises many of the same technologies as Distributed Design, including real compression drivers and Tru-Phase phase plugs for high output and low distortion. Commercial Design ceiling models also incorporate labour-saving installation innovations like Community’s exclusive Drop-Stop technology.
Harman’s JBL Professional is showcasing its JRX200 Series portable passive PA loudspeakers, upgraded from the previous JRX100 Series and featuring an improved high-performance compression driver, a more professional appearance and additional enhancements. The four models in the JRX200 lineup include the JRX212 12” two-way loudspeaker/stage monitor, JRX215 15” two-way speaker, JRX225 dual 15” two-way speaker and JRX218S 18” compact subwoofer. L-Acoustics is showcasing two new systems – the 5XT ultra-compact coaxial enclosure and SB15m compact subwoofer. The smallest member of the XT coaxial series, the 5XT is based on a two-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. The compact system contains a 1” diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by a 5” low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. Power and processing for the 5XT is delivered by the LA4/LA8 and the new LA4X amplified controller, each of which ensures linearisation, protection and optimisation for the loudspeaker system in its different operating modes. V4.0 of the Ovation Media Server and Sequencer will be on the stand of Merging Technologies. At the heart of the Ovation 4 system are flexible and intuitive cue sequencers. Capable of huge multitrack audio playback (up to 384 tracks) of any file type or sample rate (real-time SRC) combined with control protocol firing for interaction with any system configuration (MIDI, RS232, GPIO, RS-422, LTC, TCP/IP, Script), Ovation is proving popular for configured live event playback. Ovation 4 also provides an easy-to-use remote interface for the system with the WebServer option. Using any web-enabled device, it is possible to connect to the Ovation show over http and access all the firing controls through any standard web interface. Outline will be continuing its 40th anniversary celebrations at InfoComm. On the company’s stand will be a live demonstration of the GTO C-12, which uses technology derived from the larger format dual 15” GTO introduced in 2011 but is smaller and 30% lighter. Also featured will be the re-engineered DVS powered speaker series, which includes iMode remote monitoring and control, with the DVS 12P and DVS 15P now fully biamped via twin internal amplifiers.QSC will show the latest additions to its AcousticDesign Series – the S8T, S10T and S12 loudspeakers. The models feature both constant voltage (70/100V) and low impedance operating modes. Ease-of-installation is the driving principle behind this next generation of small-format, surface-mount surround loudspeakers. The patent-pending X-Mount (included with every loudspeaker) enables the loudspeakers to be quickly and securely deployed either vertically or horizontally from a flat surface. The cabinets also incorporate Directivity Matched Transition, QSC’s acoustic design approach that matches the coverage angle of compression driver to the coverage angle of the woofer at the crossover point creating consistent coverage, and smooth, accurate reproduction both on and off-axis. 

Riedel will show its MediorNet MN-C-OPT-HDMI and MN-HDO-4IO universal video cards, a new universal video I/O card for the company’s MediorNet Modular real-time network. Supporting a variety of small form-factor pluggable optical transceivers, the MediorNet MN-C-OPT-HDMI and MN-HDO-4IO enable the flexible configuration of MediorNet systems for bidirectional transport of analogue composite video, HDMI, DVI and optical or coaxial SDI signals.
The company will also highlight its extended line of AVB-capable products with the release of two new Connect AVB (Audio Video Bridging) interfaces, which enable the reliable real-time transport of analogue or AES3/EBU digital audio over AVB-capable local area networks (LANs) with guaranteed quality of service. The Connect AVB supports the transport of audio signals from equipment such as the Riedel Performer and Artist digital intercom systems on existing network infrastructures. The Connect AVB modules can be used as throw-downs or with a Riedel Smart Rack system. The Connect AVB C8 offers eight AES connections on BNC. The device supports both bidirectional AES for intercom panels and unidirectional transport for broadcast AES. The A8 provides eight analogue inputs and outputs on RJ45 connectors.
RTW will exhibit its TM3-3G and TM9 TouchMonitors at the Group One booth during this year’s InfoComm. All products will be equipped with the latest software options, including the new moving-coil software for the TM3 models. The TM3-3G is a versatile solution for metering, de-embedding and monitoring 3G-SDI audio. It features a 4.3” touchscreen for horizontal as well as vertical orientation, which can display any selection of up to eight audio channels contained in an SDI stream. The TM9 TouchMonitor features a 9” touch-sensitive display, and provides flexibility and modularity combined with intuitive control. Technomad will introduce an upgrade to its PowerChiton series of outdoor, weatherproof amplifier modules and breakout box accessories for stadiums, resorts and other outdoor venues and facilities. The compact and low profile of PowerChiton amplifier modules — available in four power levels up to 1,600W — enables sound contractors to install the modules on light poles and other surfaces at any height for co-location with loudspeakers. A new balanced input provides customers with a choice of balanced and unbalanced connections (one each). The new models also include three integrated crossover filter options: 350Hz high-pass, 85Hz high-pass, and 85Hz low-pass. Also new is BreakoutBox XL, a deeper enclosure offering three expansion bays for use with up to three Technomad wireless microphones and/or custom Technomad Schedulon master audio playout systems.