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Giving Røde excitations: Australian mic-maker acquires Aphex

Aphex, founded in Masachussetts in 1975, was previously owned by DWV Entertainment

Røde Microphones has bought iconic audio effects brand Aphex – of Aural Exciter fame – from parent company DWV Entertainment. Aphex, founded in Masachussetts in 1975, has been owned by DWV (David Wiener Ventures) since mid-2010.

“The past 12 months have been the most successful in Aphex’s history, with record sales and profits,” comments chairman and CEO Wiener. “This success has attracted the attention of a major industry leader. I am proud to announce that Peter Freedman and Røde have successfully acquired Aphex and will put their exceptional passion and energy into growing Aphex with new products and programmes.

“I have every confidence in Peter and his team, given the professional association and friendship that have come out of our months of meetings and communications, and I am proud to have put this deal together with a person of Peter’s calibre.”

Peter Freedman, the founder and president of Røde Microphones (pictured, left, with Wiener), adds: “Growing up in professional audio as I did, I have always had incredible respect for Aphex. They’ve always been the best in the business at enhancing the recorded audio experience, and that is as true today as it was when the company was founded 40 years ago.

“I am so excited about creating the next chapter in the Aphex story, bringing the company’s game-changing technology to a wider audience, and improving audio for hundreds of thousands of artists, engineers and content creators around the globe.”

Aphex’s processors, interfaces, DACs, microphones and amplifiers are used in a range of applications for music, film, video, theatre, gaming and communications. Its Exciter technology, which uses signal processing (dynamic EQ, phase manipulation and harmonic synthesis distortion) to enhance or ‘excite’ an audio signal, was inducted into the TEC Awards’ TECnology Hall of Fame in 2013.