‘Extensive interest’ in Cadac’s compact console

LIVE1 will begin shipping next month, whilst “a whole series of new digital projects” is in development for 2011, writes David Davies.
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LIVE1 will begin shipping next month, whilst “a whole series of new digital projects” is in development for 2011, writes David Davies. Cadac’s first-ever launch into the affordable compact console market, the LIVE1 was designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Available in 16, 24 and 32 channel frame sizes, the analogue desk can handle FOH, monitor and sub-mixing applications in small clubs and theatres, local hire companies, small to medium size touring productions, event productions, A/V presentations, and houses of worship.

The desk – which can fulfil a wide range of recording applications – includes a new microphone preamplifier design along with the proprietary Cadac 4-band EQ and individual phantom power, PFL and Mute (AFL mode set from master section), 100mm faders with signal-present and overload indicators, six Auxiliaries (switchable pre/post in pairs), 60mm Aux Master faders and four sub-groups on the input channels. All frame sizes feature four stereo inputs as standard and six returns (four with sends to aux 5/6), as well as two returns on 100mm faders, with sends to subgroups and aux 5/6. The Master Output section features dual outputs and talkback section.

Cadac director of sales Bob Thomas (pictured left, with Patrick Almond, marketing manager Soundking Group Europe, which is part of the same business that owns Cadac) tells PSN-e that there has been “extensive interest in this product from when we first showed it, both from existing Cadac customers and potential new customers. We are, of course, going up against some major competition with this desk, but we are extremely confident that the LIVE1 will secure some orders rapidly as expectations about its Cadac sound are confirmed. That will certainly convince anyone doing a comparison.”

The roll-out of space-sensitive console series from the likes of Soundcraft and DiGiCo might prompt the outside observer to wonder whether the LIVE1 is in fact the first product in a full-blown new range. “That remains commercially sensitive information at this stage and full announcements will be forthcoming,” replies Thomas. “But we can say that LIVE2 and LIVE3 products are envisaged as part of a range of compact, cost-competitive Cadac analogue consoles.”

Cadac’s movement into digital console production has been well-trailed and was expected to be led by the S-Digital system, details of which began to emerge in 2006. The last PSNE heard, the console was set to be launched later this year – but now it seems there has been a change of plan.

“Market conditions have changed significantly since we originally conceived the S-Digital project,” admits Thomas. “We have responded to that at this point in time by refocusing our R&D efforts on developing a whole series of new digital projects for release in 2011. As a result, we have postponed production release of the S-digital to late 2011.”




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