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Editorial: I hurt my reputation today

Songs about pizza? Hold the anchovies. And the cheese.

This week, two examples of how to exploit your infamous legacy, should you find yourself with such a badge of honour. You could reflect on your troubled times of notoriety and addiction, which, nonetheless, proved to be creative and inspirational, and led to a body of work which more than stands the test of time. You could take the fruits of that period to the fans who still love you. Or, you could reflect on your troubled times of notoriety and addiction… and, well, dick about instead.

Thus, in the cool corner, we have one Trent Reznor, aka Nine Inch Nails (NIN), who has just completed a tour of the UK. He may be promoting his new album Hesitation Marks, which won’t be to every fan’s taste, but he ensures the audience get a healthy slab of The Downward Spiral album (spot the drugs reference) and classics like Piggy, Closer and Hurt. I saw the show at the O2 on Friday, courtesy of Adlib and a finely-tuned L-Acoustics rig, and it was just superb. The three members of this current line-up are laser-tight. Thrilling stuff.

Compare that with former boy star Macaulay Culkin, who has had to deal with drug addiction in full view of the public eye in years gone by. But, how is the former Home Alone star currently presenting his art these days? In a Velvet Underground ‘parody act’ that sings songs about pizzas. And gets booed offstage.

There’s a right way to seek redemption and win favour for your former transgressions, I would suggest. And then there’s a chorus or two of a mozzarella-covered Lou Reed-spoofing Take A Bite of the Wild Slice.

Dave Robinson, editor, PSNEurope