DPA mics provide the answer to sports show’s audio question

The recent UK tour by long-running BBC TV sports quiz A Question of Sport featured a full complement of DPA’s new d:fine single ear headset mics, courtesy of the show's sound provider, RG Jones.
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The recent second UK tour by long-running BBC TV sports quiz A Question of Sport featured a full complement of DPA’s new d:fine single ear headset mics.

The show’s audio provider, RG Jones Sound Engineering, purchased the mics from UK distributor Sound Network especially for the tour.

“We bought the d:fine mics essentially because of the ease of fitting them,” said RG Jones’ Owen Relfe (pictured), who was on radio mic duties for the tour. “We have eight people per show to fit within a 15 minute window, and they’re all athletes and sports stars who don’t like standing still. They’ve all noticed the new mics, and we’ve had some great comments from them. They especially like the rubberised ear fitting, which allows them to put them on and forget about them. If they can’t feel the mics, they tend to fiddle with them less, and this reduces the self-handling noise by a massive amount.”

Relfe also praised d:fine’s audio quality. “The amount of gain before feedback, without making any kind of adjustment or adding EQ, is great,” he said. “Much of this is down to the ability to position the mic correctly, and these are so easy to get in the right place. From a starting point you get a really good, clean sound. We’ve got around 4,000 people in the audience, shouting and baying for blood, so getting over the top of that is what we’re aiming for. Mark Edwards, our FOH engineer, has managed to get above the noise of the crowd really well with these. And because we’ve got so many different people talking, the ability to get some distinction between them is important.”

“[In addition] I like the fact you can slide the capsules up and down to adjust the boom length for different faces. Women tend to have a shorter distance from ear to mouth so I can adjust them really easily. I can fit a microphone in a minute, so it’s less stressful for me, and the artists. Regardless of what they are doing with their head, the d:fine stays in the same place. As long as you’ve got the tension right on the cable at the back, via a little clip which attaches to clothing, it stays put and looks really tidy.”




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