Delta invests in Full Fat Audio, EM Acoustics

Delta Sound adds nine Full Fat Audio FFA-6004 four channel amplifiers and 32 EMS-122w loudspeakers from EM Acoustics to core rental stock.
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Delta Sound recently took delivery of nine Full Fat Audio FFA-6004 four channel amplifiers to power its recent purchase of 32 EMS-122w loudspeakers from EM Acoustics for core rental stock. The FFA-6004 is a four channel lightweight multipurpose amplifier that is rated at 1500w per channel. The EMS-122w is a wide dispersion loudspeaker, with a passive 12” enclosure. Delta Sound operations director, Jon Bell (pictured), explained his choice. "We needed to source 32 high quality 12" loudspeakers and flying frames within a very short lead time for a specific rental project. The speakers and amplifiers needed to be installed and working within a month and would remain in situ for another nine months working six days per week for 12 hours a day during that period. Obviously the bar was set pretty high from the outset, so we needed to know that whatever we invested in would be 100% reliable, and that we could count on the manufacturer to deliver on time." “We’re using Full Fat Audio FFA-6004 four-channel amplifiers to drive the EMS-122w’s which we purchased off the shelf and work faultlessly with the EM enclosures. It’s an excellent combination. Once the boxes have come off the current hire, they’ll make an excellent addition to our day-to-day inventory," he added.



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