Creative sector networking site goes live

Music producers and publishers are among the many different types of creative people to have signed up to the bCreative Directory, which was founded by Tony Klinger (pictured here with Michael Caine).
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Music producers and publishers are among the many different types of creative people to have signed up to a new social networking site, the bCreative Directory, reports David Davies.

Founded by film producer/director Tony Klinger (whose numerous credits include co-production of Get Carter, Deep Purple Over Japan, and a forthcoming BBC4 documentary on his filmmaker father Michael that will feature actor Michael Caine, pictured here with Tony), the bCreative Directory is designed to appeal to musicians, artists, actors, models, comedians, filmmakers and ‘all those working at the creative development of any art form’ – be they professionals or enthusiastic amateurs.

Speaking to PSNE, Klinger says that he recognised a need for this kind of shared information resource long before the invention of the internet – indeed, as far back as childhood: “I remember what it was like when I was a kid, trying to figure out how to make my dream come true, to take something I had written alone in my room, and turn it into a film that everyone could watch. That was how bCreative was really born, out of that little bedroom, when I was eight or nine years old and hadn’t got any answers. Now a lifetime later I know how, and via bCreative I want to share those answers with anyone with creative talent.

“[These days] there are a lot of degree courses in film and music which tell you to how create the artefact – produce a record, focus a camera, etc – but they don’t necessarily tell you how to put the [various elements] together. ‘How do I do a deal for my project?’ ‘Who do I speak to?’ Those are the sorts of questions that occur to everybody in the business when they start to thinking about becoming professional.”

The site also features ‘Ambassadors’ selected by Klinger from various areas of creative endeavour, including poetry/lyrics, cinematography, photography and music publishing. The music production Ambassador is composer/producer David Courtney, who is credited with discovering Leo Sayer and has also worked with artists including Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

“Treat your career like travelling in a car down a motorway,” says Courtney. “The view through the rear window is where you’ve been – experience. The view through the front window is where you’re heading – the future – so keep your eye focused on the road ahead. But watch out for the speed cameras!”

The site has also linked up with Courtney’s MyBand TV website, which has been designed to provide an outlet for some of the best emerging bands and artists.

New Ambassadors and features will continue to be added as the site evolves. Next up, says Klinger, is a virtual shop window – “a place from which people who create music, film, sculpture and so on will have the opportunity to sell the work they produce.”

For more information and to join for free, visit



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