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Bruno Garros injects capital, takes on global role at APG

As of 1 June, Garros will be taking on the role of Executive VP of global sales and business development at APG. He has also taken a 25% shareholding in the business.

Industry veteran Bruno Garros, formerly with the Martin Professional group, has taken on the role of Executive VP of global sales and business development at APG, effective on 1 June. In addition, Garros has also significantly increased the share capital of the company and taken a 25% shareholding in the business. “I’ve had 15 wonderful years at Martin Professional, but it was time for me to move on. I was ready for new challenges and new horizons,” said Garros. “As a company APG is motivated and dynamic with genuinely pioneering product concepts – in short, they have all the elements for success at their fingertips. However, the company lacked the necessary resources, both financial and human, in order to optimise their strategies and ideas. I was in a position to supply both – the opportunity, for both parties, seemed too good to miss!” APG’s Gregory Dapsanse, agreed: “It’s true that we had reached a critical point in our development where we were in need of additional resources in order to move us up to the next level. We have worked hard since 2004 in developing a range of innovative, high quality products that can comfortably rival the best that the market has to offer. Our next objective is to realize that same success commercially. This is where Bruno comes in. His arrival could not have been more timely for us. The wealth of experience and contacts he brings with him from everything he achieved at Martin Professional combined with what we have already achieved here at APG mark a significant turning point for us.” “It is my intention to double APG’s turnover in the next 2-3 years,” concluded Garros. “Medium and longer term we’ll be targeting new markets such as North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America. I’ll also be looking at developing new economic models, both with existing and future partners. It’s going to be an exciting time for us all, and I am delighted to joining APG at such a strategic juncture. I am looking forward to being instrumental in their success.”