Audinate expands Ultimo range

The new 4x4 channel Ultimo chip doubles the channel capacity of the original Ultimo introduced early last year.
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Audinate has added a new product to its Ultimo range. The new Ultimo ULT-01-004 supports 4x4 channels of uncompressed audio, double the capacity of the Ultimo (ULT-01-002) introduced at the beginning of 2013. Coinciding with the launch of the new 4x4 Ultimo chip, the complete Ultimo product family will be enhanced to support an even richer set of features including:

  • Increased range of sample rates (44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz)
  • Pull up / pull down support
  • Remote signal presence indication
  • Latency monitoring
  • Improved clock statistics reporting
  • GPIO pin activation

“The new Ultimo chip option, together with the enhanced set of features, opens up a new range of products for our OEMs who wish to have cost effective networked audio-over-IP products using Dante,” said Gary Southwell, Audinate’s vice president of product management. “It provides our customers with a system on a chip that simplifies the design of a whole new category of products. Dante is recognised by our OEMs to be the easiest feature-rich networking technology to implement, and by their customers as the easiest networking solution to deploy.” Several OEMs are already developing products based on the new Ultimo features and options, which will be generally available in Q1, 2014.



OCA Alliance expands with Audinate

The inventor of the Dante media networking technology has joined the Alliance’s efforts to ensure the standardisation of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) for a wide interoperability of professional audio equipment.


Audinate shipping Ultimo Dante interface

Launched in February 2013, Ultimo is a Dante interface for networked audio products, integrated into a single 13 x 13mm chip, which can extend the benefits of Dante networking to a whole new range of audio devices.