AES expands in China

The first Audio Engineering Society section in mainland China has been formed, following a series of meetings in Beijing between AES regions and sections chair, Peter Cook, and AES member Shusen Wang.
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The first Audio Engineering Society section in mainland China has been formed, following a series of meetings in Beijing between AES regions and sections chair, Peter Cook (pictured, bottom row center), and Shusen Wang (pictured, left of Cook), a long-time AES member, VP of a Beijing broadcasting company, and a leading professional audio consultant there. Prior to 2004, AES members in China numbered in the single digits. By 2006 there were 45 Chinese AES members listed, a number that remained static until late May 2012, when Cook made two AES presentations to members of the China Audio and Video Association (CAVA). Following those meetings a group of over 25 Chinese AES members from Beijing and other cities discussed a Beijing section with Cook, and AES membership more than doubled. Wang was unanimously invited to chair the section. “The seriousness and passion demonstrated by the AES members I met with in Beijing was deeply impressive,” said Cook. “They are fully committed to all the fundamental elements that make the AES an invaluable forum for professional audio. They enthusiastically recommended highly qualified local vice-chairs to be responsible for education, research, broadcast applications and other areas of universal AES concern.” Cook added, “I was genuinely taken aback when they conveyed the huge size of China’s professional audio community. This initial Beijing section may mark the beginning of a substantial AES expansion in China. Their concerns for the importance of an AES affiliation were humbling.” Wang applauded Cook’s recommendations, and has already begun to map out a programme to incorporate them. “We will work closely with the AES parent organization to introduce Chinese experts to relevant technical committees; to invite them to submit research papers; to introduce Chinese stake-holders to standards committee chairs; and, do everything possible to ensure the success of first-time Chinese exhibitors at AES Conventions,” Wang said. “The AES has many individual members in China. We believe our new Beijing Section will sustain a long and mutually beneficial on-going relationship with China’s professional audio community,” concluded AES executive director Bob Moses. “This move exemplifies our plan to expand the AES mission and support our ongoing effectiveness throughout Asia and the Far East.”



PSNEurope previews AES 133

The pro-audio industry is gearing up for the 133rd Audio Engineering Society Convention, with multi-Platinum record producer Steve Lillywhite set to deliver the Keynote Address.


134th AES Convention taking place in Rome

The Audio Engineering Society executive director, Bob Moses, has confirmed that the 134th AES Convention will take place in Rome, Italy, on 4-7 May 2013. No exhibitor details have been released, suggesting a new approach to the European AES convention.


AES 133: the news from San Francisco

Plenty of new pro-audio products were launched on the show floor of the Moscone Center in San Francisco at the 133rd AES Convention. PSNEurope has rounded up as many as possible for those of you not able to make it.


AES Convention numbers hit five-year high

A "thrilled" Bob Moses, executive director of the AES. says "much of what made this show so great will be leveraged to breathe new life into our European convention." The 136th AES Convention takes place in Berlin 26-29 April 2014.


Call of duty for AES at games conference

The BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly, London opened its doors at the start of February to members of the audio community as the venue for the 41st AES International Conference, which this year focused once again on the audio for games industry, writes Mike Hillier.


OCA Alliance expands with Audinate

The inventor of the Dante media networking technology has joined the Alliance’s efforts to ensure the standardisation of the Open Control Architecture (OCA) for a wide interoperability of professional audio equipment.


New AES group for the North of England

Monitoring innovator Roger Quested will give the first presentation to the new AES North of England group, which was founded by recording engineer Kerry-Anne Kubisa and is based out of the School of Music at the University of Leeds.