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AES 137: Media Networking Alliance launches

The MNA was formed to promote adoption and support adopters of the newly ratified AES67 standard, and 20 pro-audio companies are already committed to membership

The newly formed Media Networking Alliance (MNA) will launch during the 137th AES Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The alliance, comprising industry proponents, adopters, developers and suppliers of media networking technologies, will today (10 October) present a panel session during the Networked Audio Track Event N7 at 4pm, followed by its inaugural membership meeting at five.

The MNA was formed to promote adoption and support adopters of the newly ratified AES67 standard. 20 professional audio and broadcast technology companies are already committed to membership, and the alliance’s activities during AES are intended to promote awareness and knowledge of the new audio-over-IP interoperability standard and widen membership of the MNA throughout the professional audio and broadcast media industries.

The inaugural membership meeting is hosted by the alliance steering committee members: Bill Scott, vice-president of engineering and technology at Bosch Communications Systems; Terry Holton, general manager of the Yamaha R&D Centre, Stefan Ledergerber, director of R&D at Lawo Group; Marty Sacks, vice-president and executive director of Axia Audio, the networked audio division of The Telos Alliance; and Rich Zwiebel, vice-president of systems strategy at QSC.

The same members will present the Networked Audio Track Event N7 panel session, ‘How the Newly Formed Media Networking Alliance Will Support AES67 Adopters’. The panel discussion will include the following topics: ‘What is AES67?’ ‘Why is AES67 important for our industry?’ ‘What is the MNA mission?’ ‘How will the alliance benefit its members?’

AES67 is a new Ethernet based networked audio-over-IP interoperability standard. It is a layer-3 protocol suite based on existing standards, designed to enable interoperability between various IP-based audio networking standards, such as RAVENNA, Livewire, Q-LAN and Dante. The standard was created to address the interoperable operation of different high-performance networked audio transport systems, compatible with live-sound reinforcement, broadcast and fixed installations. AES67 provides interoperability recommendations in the areas of synchronisation, media-clock identification, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description and connection management. The network performance to meet these requirements is available on local-area networks (LANs) and achievable on enterprise-scale networks.

(Pro Sound News)