AED Studios makes Belgian national paper!

"Why not film Star Wars in Lint?", asks Gazet van Antwerpen
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Spotted by regular PSNEurope contributor Marc Maes: last week AED Group made one of Belgian’s national papers, Gazet van Antwerpen, following its acquisition of the Alfacam production facilities in 2013.

Under a headline which translates as "Why not film Star Wars here in Lint?", the boss of the self-styled ‘equipment banker’ Glenn Roggemann talks about the history of the AED and Alfacam; the “mess” they found after ill-fated televisual services company Alfacam Group left the site; a list of productions that have used the facility since AED has revamped it; and Roggeman's problems with the authorities because of his application to build a heliport, for the easy ferrying of talent/directors/producers to and from the facility.

Regarding that headline: none other than Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz was a guest speaker at a recent filmmakers' event held at AED Studios!


AED Studios main building

Eurocam reborn as AED Studios

On 27 February, some five months after the AED group’s acquisition of the vast former Alfacam production site, the newly christened AED Studios opened its doors.


AED Group HQ hit by fire

Authorities are investigating a huge fire that broke out at AED Group’s Willebroek, Belgium headquarters last Sunday, destroying both the new inventory warehouse and the adjacent AED Cases factory. The cost of the damage has been estimated at €3.5 million euros.

Konk Studios site up for sale

It's another bleak week for the London studio scene as the Crouch End site currently occupied by Konk Studios - which was closely associated with British rock greats The Kinks - goes up for sale.