AED Group hosts major K2 showcase

Belgian hire giant previews forthcoming L-Acoustics line array system to international audience.
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On the occasion of AED Group’s annual open days last month (11-12 December 2013) in Belgium, the company’s audio rental division, AED Rent, became the first operation to present an official showcase of the new L-Acoustics K2 line array system.
While AED Group has been beta-testing the system discreetly at various events across Europe, this was the array’s debut in front of a large international audience – some 1,000 audio professionals, in fact.

“The crucial quality of the new K2 series is the weight: at only 56kg, the enclosures weight only half as much as the V-DOSC or K1 speakers,” says Piet Verstraete, head of the sound department at AED Rent.

“The speakers are fully compatible with the K1 and K1 SB low cabinets, allowing users to combine flown combinations of K1, K1-SB or K2. And the K2 uses a 12-inch speaker instead of a 15-inch. The K2 will allow us to target a much broader client group; whereas the K1 was more for a select group of companies and assignments on big festivals, the K2 is the perfect solution for smaller events.” Verstraete says AED Rent have ordered 96 units of K2, and the first batch is expected to be delivered in April. The Group’s inventory of V-DOSC will gradually be replaced by the K2 enclosures, he adds. AED has made a number of substantial investments in L-Acoustics equipment over the last decade, and owns several thousand full-range cabinets, subwoofers, monitors and more. Official K2 roll-out is expected in March in time for Prolight + Sound, while some 200 cabinets are reported to be earmarked for use during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. At the open days, AED Group also inaugurated its brand new 4,000sqm AED Store, offering both new products, used AED gear and customers’ second-hand equipment for sale.

In related news, ESI Audio became the first North American sound reinforcement company to utilise the K2 system at the The Gift, a one-day EDM festival headlined by deadmau5 in December 2013.

"K2, in one word, is amazing!" says ESI Audio president Erick "Otto" Celeiro. "The sound quality for The Gift was astonishing and the coverage was incredible at 400 feet linear through the plane. K2 is also the easiest system I've ever flown." (Marc Maes)



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