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3 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse, pro audio style

Preparing for Hallowe'en with Mackie, PreSonus and Audio-Technica

Today is 31 October, which can mean only thing: Hallowe’en! (Or, if you’re one of our many, many readers in Cambodia, the King-Father’s Birthday.) So, in honour of this most spooky of days, when we remember souls long departed by holding people to ransom for sweets, we thought we’d see how pro-audio companies are preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

First up is Mackie, which shows how its 2000W DL/DLM PA system can be used to play a bitchin’ gig in the ruins of society and explode the heads of one’s attackers. Very useful indeed.

Poor old PreSonus don’t fare as well, finding their office overrun by the undead hordes, with just a single copy of Studio One surviving the onslaught. So probably best not to hide in PreSonus HQ.

And just in case you missed it on Wednesday, here’s a team of Audio-Technica engineers in the US showing the proper technique for micing up our new, brain-hungry overlords.