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2g Audio Visual HAPI with prize from Merging Technologies

Merging's PL+S draw was won by the Midlands AV supplier

Rich Griffiths, managing director of 2g Audio Visual, is the winner of Merging Technologies’ competition from Prolight + Sound 2014 to win a HAPI networked audio interface.

The HAPI interface will provide “the ideal I/O setup to record the variety of projects that get booked in” at the multi-service AV supplier’s studio in Coleshill, in the West Midlands, which features a Behringer X32 digital console and Pro Tools (pictured below right). The majority of 2g’s bookings are for corporate events, but it also handles high-profile weddings for local Asians. (It is also “not unknown for a stretched limo to arrive at the container park and unload young ladies on a hen night who want to record something special,” says Merging. “Engineering these gigs is quite popular!”)

The prize was presented by Paul Mortimer from eMerging, Merging’s UK distributor, and Chris Hollebone, Merging Technologies sales and marketing manager (pictured, right, with Griffiths). Pro Light + Sound was in March, and HAPI started shipping July, but “2g is a busy company, and finding a convenient date was certainly challenging,” according to Merging.

“You enter these competitions without any expectation of winning but when I had found out what I had won, I was really impressed,” says Griffiths. “We can hook HAPI up to Pro Tools with the CoreAudio driver, and this will be ideal for doing the quality recording with our condenser microphones. It also gives us a great D/A that we can put in the monitor chain. It was definitely worth scribbling my name on the card.”