WorldDMB to sponsor DAB information website

The WorldDMB Forum has announced that it will sponsor the Wohnort website, which provides independent information on the DAB family of services. The WorldDMB Forum coordinates the implementation of all Eureka-147-based technologies.
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The WorldDMB Forum has announced that it will sponsor, which provides independent information on the DAB family of services on-air around the world. An international non-government organisation, the WorldDMB Forum coordinates the implementation of all Eureka-147-based technologies. Run by consultant Carey Taylor, the Wohnort site provides information for broadcasters, journalists, analysts and manufacturers of DAB sets about the stations available on DAB, DAB+ and DMB. It includes independently-researched background on which countries are using the technology, the maturity of the markets, who operates the multiplexes, the bit-rate used for various services, whether stations are mono or stereo, which spectrum block is utilised, and more.

 WorldDMB will become the website’s main sponsor, while Wohnort will feed a new database on WorldDMB’s World DAB site to aid the promotion of DAB technology worldwide. “Wohnort’s DAB web pages are ten years old this month,” said Taylor. “In that time the level of activity of broadcasters using the DAB family of standards around the world had increased to such an extent that the website was becoming untenable simply by virtue of DAB’s success. WorldDMB’s support is important not only for the recognition of Wohnort as a reliable source of accurate information, but also because it will help the pages to continue to be updated as more and more territories begin broadcasting using the DAB family of standards.” WorldDMB project director Letty Zembrano (pictured) noted that the organisation was “pleased to have the opportunity to work with Wohnort” and told PSNE that it continues “to provide support to markets in Europe and around the world as the digitalisation of radio using the DAB family of standards moves forward. WorldDMB is working alongside the industry to ensure that listeners receive the audio services they know and love and also have access to new multi-media services which digital radio can offer. 2010 is an exciting year in which we are seeing more receivers on the market including in-car products as well as a greater number of services on-air; WorldDMB and its members support this development.”



Radio bosses bullish on DAB/DAB+

DAB and DAB+ are the future for European digital radio, according to key figures in the industry who addressed the Radiodays Europe conference in Berlin earlier this week (17-19 March).


WorldDMB talks tough on DAB

The DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio sector has responded robustly to recent negative opinions and reports on the technology and called for action to make the switchover from analogue transmission a reality, writes Kevin Hilton.

Calrec launches community website

The new site aims to encourage industry education and the sharing of information between those in the audio world. In addition, Calrec Audio has announced an updated version of its corporate website.

Germans turn on to DAB

Germany made the move to digital radio on 8th August, when 27 transmitters across the country brought DAB (digital audio broadcasting) to all the country’s major cities, as well as along its motorways, writes Kevin Hilton.


Service following - DAB's missing link

As the analogue radio switch-off draws closer, broadcasters and regulators are coming to terms with creating a seamless digital network, especially for in-car listening. Service following is at the heart of this and Digital Radio UK is among the organisations dealing with its implementation.


Open formats point way for small-scale DAB

Small-scale DAB stations could be a way ahead for community and smaller local radio station transmission, according to an Ofcom report. It is based on findings from trail that ran in Brighton between September 2012 and January 2013.

New chip puts DAB on iPod docks

The beleaguered DAB range of digital radio standards received a boost at CES with the launch of new technology that brings the formats to a wide variety of domestic audio systems, writes Kevin Hilton.


Spreading the love for DAB service following

Digital Radio UK and Arqiva have published a report on service following, based on trials carried out in the southeast of England last year. The results show that broadcasters and radio manufacturers have to co-operate further to create seamless networks in the build-up to an analogue switchover.