UK DAB switchover decision due in 2013

The UK government will make a public announcement about switching off analogue radio transmissions during the fourth quarter of 2013.
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The UK government will make a public announcement about switching off analogue radio transmissions during the fourth quarter of 2013. No date has been confirmed yet but any statement may include a timetable for a switchover to a mainly DAB radio network, although FM transmissions will not end completely. Laurence Harrison, technology and market development director of Digital Radio UK (pictured), says a switchover for radio could only go ahead once two criteria had been met. These state that local DAB coverage has to be 90 percent and national UK coverage equivalent to FM, while 50 percent of all radio listening would have to over digital platforms. Harrison comments that the current digital radio listening figure is 31.3 percent and hopes that the two targets will be met "around the end of 2015". The government, the BBC and commercial broadcasters have signed a memorandum of understanding to finance the building of local coverage from 66 percent to 90 percent by the end of 2015. National BBC DAB coverage today is at 94 percent and funding has reportedly been made available to reach 97 percent, which is equivalent to FM. Even though the term switchover is being used for radio it would not involve FM being turned off completely. While national, regional and big local stations would move fully to DAB, some smaller local and community stations would remain on FM. Consequently the Digital Radio UK technical spec includes FM.



Open formats point way for small-scale DAB

Small-scale DAB stations could be a way ahead for community and smaller local radio station transmission, according to an Ofcom report. It is based on findings from trail that ran in Brighton between September 2012 and January 2013.


Service following - DAB's missing link

As the analogue radio switch-off draws closer, broadcasters and regulators are coming to terms with creating a seamless digital network, especially for in-car listening. Service following is at the heart of this and Digital Radio UK is among the organisations dealing with its implementation.


Radio bosses bullish on DAB/DAB+

DAB and DAB+ are the future for European digital radio, according to key figures in the industry who addressed the Radiodays Europe conference in Berlin earlier this week (17-19 March).


WorldDMB talks tough on DAB

The DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio sector has responded robustly to recent negative opinions and reports on the technology and called for action to make the switchover from analogue transmission a reality, writes Kevin Hilton.

Germans turn on to DAB

Germany made the move to digital radio on 8th August, when 27 transmitters across the country brought DAB (digital audio broadcasting) to all the country’s major cities, as well as along its motorways, writes Kevin Hilton.