Trilogy assists with UK poll coverage

Broadcast intercom supplier Trilogy was among the companies enlisted for projects pertaining to the 2010 UK General Election. The most hotly-contested ballot since the 1970s was, as usual, the subject of exhaustive (and exhausting?) coverage across broadcast networks.
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Broadcast intercom supplier Trilogy was among the companies enlisted for projects pertaining to the 2010 UK General Election. At the time of writing, voting was in full swing for the most hotly-contested UK election since the 1970s, with many commentators predicting that no one party would manage to secure an outright majority.

In a further continuation of its long-term association with the BBC, a wealth of Trilogy equipment was employed to enable the vast UK-wide communications infrastructure revolving around BBC Television Centre and Millbank studios. In total, the broadcaster made use of 10 Trilogy Command communications systems, interconnected with several smaller Orator systems and a number of Trilogy's IP-based Mercury intercoms, which are being employed to link studio activities in London and Manchester. The majority of the equipment was in regular use by news teams, although two of the 192-port Command systems and 80-plus 16 and 24 key control panels were rented temporarily from Trilogy.

Keeping presenters up-to-date via their ear-pieces and delivering a wealth of information to Stringer Producers, analysts and graphic artists were among the election night functions enabled by the Trilogy systems.

"Trilogy has been proud to work closely with BBC News for over 13 years and this is especially so on the prestigious coverage of the 2010 General Election. It is an affirmation of the quality of our products and services that we are being used in this technically challenging application," says Barry Spencer, general manager of Trilogy's broadcast division.

Were you involved in supplying audio equipment and staff for broadcast coverage of last week's UK General Election? Please let us know via the usual channels and we will mention you in a forthcoming follow-up story.


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