Telos Systems ZephyrIP

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What is it?A range of IP codecs offering both wired and wireless connections using standard USB wireless devices. DetailsThe Zephyr range incorporates four models: the original 3RU rackmount, the 2RU rackmount, the recently-developed 1RU Z/IP ONE and the compact Z/IP Mixer which combines a Z/IP rackmount with a four-channel digital stereo mixer in a portable enclosure. In addition to USB and RS-232, the 2RU and 3RU models also offer Livewire connections, and for the 3RU unit, there’s the addition of an AES-EBU digital interface. All models have the capability to use public IP networks and mobile phone data services; connections are said to be extremely reliable and capable of traversing firewalls and NATs.
 Telos’ Agile Connection Technology (ACT) provides the basis of the Z/IP design, offering enhanced performance on real-world networks and delivering reliable audio irrespective of network conditions. The Z/IP dynamically adapts to the network, minimising the effects of packet loss and jitter. According to Telos it combines state-of-the-art loss detection and concealment, dynamic buffering and auto-varying bitrate functions. In addition to wired IP connections, the Z/IP can connect to IP networks via Wi-Fi, EVDO, UMTS and other methods. ACT ensures that all available bandwidth is used for the best audio performance. The Telos Z/IP Server enables Z/IP users to dial other Z/IPs by name, traverse NATs automatically, visualise the connection path on a world map and display the live status of Z/IPs in a speed dial list. (The Z/IP Server service is provided by Telos at no extra charge.)
 The Zephyr/IP features a new codec based on low-delay AAC. Advanced Audio Coding-Enhanced Low Delay (AAC-ELD) is said to combine excellent fidelity at low bitrates, nearly inaudible loss concealment and “very little” delay for two-way applications over uncontrolled IP networks. It also includes a high-resolution interface with context-sensitive on-screen help. Easily configured with the full VGA display on 3RU and 2RU models (or web browser), the Z/IP is said to be ready out-of-the-box, providing users with network conditions in an intuitive colour-coded format.