Studer upgrade in Izmir for Turkish national broadcaster

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s recent upgrade to a Vista 9 console is a continuation of a long relationship with the console manufacturer.
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Turkey’s national broadcaster has upgraded its Izmir Radio Studios with a Studer Vista 9 digital console.
The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s (TRT) recent upgrade is a continuation of a long relationship with the console manufacturer: “I have been working at TRT for more than 25 years in a number of capacities, and all that time we have depended on Studer gear to get the job done,” said Erkan Gökceli (pictured), technical manager and designer at Izmir Radio Studios. “We’ve used everything from the old Studer 169 mixer to no less than 15 ReVox B77 reel to reel tape decks. As a broadcast and recording mixer at Izmir Radio Studios I put our previous Studer 902 console through every situation you can imagine but when it was time to upgrade our studios, we decided that we would move to a digital mixer with modern features and flexibility.” Izmir Radio Studios purchased its 40-fader Vista 9 console from Turkish Studer distributor SF Dis Ticaret Koll.Sti. “As someone who works with the equipment year-in and year-out, I insist that the consoles I use are robust and of high quality,” Gökceli added. “We do a lot of live broadcast at Izmir Radio and TRT and as any live engineer knows there is no room for error in a live production situation. Based on our previous track record, I was confident the Studer Vista 9 would be completely dependable.”



RAI invests in four new Studer Vista 9 consoles

The new Vista 9s are the latest in a long list of Studer desks supplied by distributor Leading Technologies to Italy’s state broadcaster, which includes two Vista 7s and a Vista 5 (for radio), as well as two Vista 8s and three Vista 5s for television broadcast.

French broadcaster upgrades with Studer

FRANCE: France 24 has purchased three Studer Vista 5 consoles, all of which have been installed over the past two months, reports PSN-e. Providing international news and current affairs coverage, the station was launched in December 2006 and now broadcasts 24 hours a day in French and English, and ten hours a day in Arabic. Spanish is to be added shortly.


Studer takes Vista training online

Studer’s Broadcast Academy is an interactive online course, developed in partnership with CRAS, designed for engineers to learn the operation of the company’s Vista Series digital mixing consoles.