Studer Route 6000

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What is it?A DSP 1728x1728 inputs and outputs router. DetailsBased upon the high-efficiency SCore Live DSP core and comprehensive D21m I/O system, the Route 6000 system can accommodate up to 1728x1728 inputs and outputs. The main DSP Core is highly suited to space-conscious installations. Equipped with an internal D21m I/O system with up to 192 inputs and outputs, it takes up only 6U of rack space, while multiple cores are simply interconnected using CAT5 tie lines. Since the system is fully modular, there is a wide variety of input and output formats (mic, line, AES/EBU, MADI, ADAT, TDIF, SDI and Dolby E), which can be combined.Being based on these proven platforms means that Studer offers a highly scaleable system, allowing the choice of DSP size and I/O capacity needed for a specific system, which can be easily expanded at a later date. The DSP core allows the insertion of assignable audio processes consisting of compressors, limiters, panning and stereo-to-mono summing. Multiple redundancy options for failsafe operation, including DSP and host cards as well as all I/O cards and power supplies, are available. There are also full redundancy solutions that are based on two networked cores.


Studer compact heads NAB launches

The 2012 NAB Show opens this coming Monday (16-19 April), with a mix of audio launches in store, including a low-cost digital console from Studer, Harris' new IP radio distribution system and additions to the swelling range of loudness products, writes Kevin Hilton.

Studer Vista integrates RTW for loudness

Console manufacturer Studer is to integrate the RTW TM7 TouchMonitor loudness meter into models in its Vista product range, writes Kevin Hilton. The deal was announced this week at the CABSAT show in Dubai (28 February).