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Studer and Artel interface for audio data carriage

Console manufacturer's A-Link streams can now be carried on video transport specialist's DigiLink platform.

A new technical alliance between Harman group member Studer and Artel Video Systems sees the deployment of the console company’s A-Link audio data streaming technology on the IP, direct fibre and managed optical networks developer’s modular DigiLink video carrier system.

A-Link is part of the Vista X digital mixing desk and uses 3G video interfacing to create an audio interface that can transmit 1536 32-bit channels on one cable. DigiLink is designed for wide area networking of video and associated data over fibre and IP.

Explaining what this means for Studer users and audio in general, Studer product director Andrew Hills (pictured), says, “It shows that our A-Link high capacity audio interface is directly compatible with video transport systems. The ability to carry 1536 channels of audio over standard video infrastructure is highly significant.”

Studer has an existing networking relationship with Riedel through the MediorNet system but Hills says the agreement with Artel will not affect that: “Our collaboration with Riedel uses the MediorNet system as not only a distribution system but also as a router able to split up the A-Link audio down to mono channels. Artel is a long distance carrier for the provision of links between cities tens if not hundreds of kilometres apart. It does not have individual audio channel routing capability, which is normally not necessary as the desks have large routers built in anyway. We do not see these as competing systems.”

The interface is already available as, Hills explains, “there was no development work required – it is just plug and play”. He adds that there are plans for long distance trials on the US Eastern seaboard “in the next month or so”. There is also an agreement with router manufacturer Evertz to incorporate A-Link audio interfaces into its video products.