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What is it?A routing node serving as the core of a StageTec NEXUS installation. Details NEXUS STAR accommodates up to 16 boards each with 256 inputs and 256 outputs. This allows for routing a maximum of 4,096 inputs to 4,096 outputs, resulting in more than 16 million cross points. If more I/O resources are required, multiple NEXUS STAR units can be cascaded. Any input can be freely routed to any output, so point-to-point lines as well as point-to-multi-point sets can be created. Instead of a bus configuration as used on the NEXUS system, NEXUS STAR includes a dual matrix for routing inputs to outputs. This routing matrix allows for a very high clock rate and thus supports the reliable implementation of an accordingly large number of time-slots, resulting in an internal throughput of more than 12Gbps, which produces the extremely large routing capacity.


Audibility gives star presenter the pip

A row over background music levels in television documentaries has coincided with publication of a report on the audibility of programmes, writes Kevin Hilton. The use of music in the popular BBC series Wonders of the Universe has highlighted the problems some viewers have understanding presenters.

The end for analogue broadcast consoles?

Sometimes the world changes without people realising - until the fact is pointed out to them. The announcement by Calrec Audio that it is discontinuing production of analogue consoles confirms what has been happening over the past five years, that digital has overcome all the technical and operational objections to become the mixing technology of choice. Kevin Hilton reports.