Sony ECM680S

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30450.jpg What is it?A electret stereo shotgun microphone designed for field production and broadcast studio applications. DetailsThe ECM680S incorporates Sony’s newly-developed electret condenser capsules said to offer excellent sensitivity, low inherent noise and a flat, wide frequency response. A major feature of the mic’s design is its ability to switch between a highly directional mono and stereo modes. This makes it suitable for use in both EFP and ENG applications. Stereo mode is said to be ideal for capturing environmental sound with a natural quality, while the mono mode is better suited to picking up vocal and other sound sources from a distance. These modes can be selected using a switch on the microphone or from compatible Sony professional camcorders. The mic benefits from a flat, wide frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz in stereo mode and 40Hz to 20kHz in mono. Sensitivity is quoted at -28dB, ±3 dB (stereo) and -32dB, ±3dB (mono) and dynamic range at 104dB (stereo) and 106dB (mono). The ECM680S incorporates a built-in low-cut filter providing a simple means of reducing unwanted ambient noise. The mic is said to be ideal for camera-mounted use, measuring only 9 7/8” in length and weighing less than 4.9oz. Operating on 40 – 52V phantom power, it includes an LED which lights when stereo mode is selected and is supplied with an XLR 5-pin cable or optional K-1504 cable for use when connecting to camcorders having dual 3-pin XLR inputs.



5 News switches to Sony

In preparation for the Channel 38 switchover, 5 News has invested in Sony’s digital wireless microphone solutions through specialist dealer Visual Impact Northern Ltd.