Shure SM89

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What is it?A lightweight shotgun microphone design for location production work and sports news coverage.
DetailsPowered by either battery or phantom power, the SM89 is a highly directional condenser shotgun microphone capable of discriminating at a distance in favour of dialogue and other sources against ambient sound - even in noisy surroundings. The design is said to have the advantage over other shotgun microphones in its ability to minimise comb-filter effects. This means, for example, that in a relatively non-reverberant location, it can be positioned so that the sound source is up to 30° off-axis, relative to the microphone, minimising noise and picking up the intended sound with only slightly diminished high-frequency response. The on-axis 60Hz – 20kHz frequency response of the SM89 is said to be very smooth with a slightly rise in high frequencies to improve clarity and speech intelligibility and a low-frequency roll-off to minimise pickup of wind, mechanical vibration, ambient noise and rumble. The mic boasts a 111dB dynamic range and a signal-to-noise ratio of 79dB. Sensitivity is quoted as -33dBV/Pa and maximum SPL is 127dB into the recommended 800 ohm load. The low-cut filter offers 15dB/octave attenuation switchable between 60Hz and 160Hz and phantom power can be within an 11V – 52V range. The SM89 is 52.4cm in length and 20mm diameter and weighs 195g.