SCP Crest-DM-CBL cable

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What is it?Crestron Digital Media cable. DetailsThe SCP Crest-DM-CBL cable provides a high performance, single cable wiring solution for DigitalMedia (DM) systems. Within a single jacket, SCP CREST CREST-DM-CBL contains one high-band-width/low-crosstalk shielded 4-twisted pair (STP) cable, one CAT5e unshielded 4-twisted pair (UTP) cable and one DMNet cable. The STP “Video Data” cable, which connects to the ‘D’ port of a DigitalMedia device, is of a specialized construction designed to allow the longest possible cable lengths for transporting high-definition digital video and audio. The CAT5w “Data Management” cable, which connects to the ‘M’ port, carries high-speed Ethernet and other data, plus 5V DC power. The DMNet cable carries additional proprietary control signals and 24V DC



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