SCISYS launches dira! Onair Player

Designed specifically with the needs of DJ-operated radio channels in mind, dira! Onair Player is a configurable, all-in-one studio command center.
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Designed specifically with the needs of DJ-operated radio channels in mind, dira! Onair Player is the latest on-air application from SCISYS. It has been designed as a configurable, all-in-one studio command center. In Onair Player, up to four playlists can be active at any one time for fully flexible DJ operation. Up to two fader channels are available per playlist (eight channels total) for manual crossfades. It is also possible to run playlists in the background, without on-screen fader assignment and control – this is for example a very useful workflow for commercials playlists that can be launched in automatic mode to play an entire commercial block without visually occupying a fader channel.

The interface has been redesigned and optimised for quick, intuitive use in the often hectic studio environment: Full drag and drop operation allows the user to configure jingles and add material to playlists with one operation. In addition to the standard player controls available within each channel player (now also featuring a full envelope display including important markers), each playlist also features overall controls working independently from the active player environment, supporting commands such as launching the next item from the list or instantly stopping the list, regardless of its play status. Similar to dira! Onair Control, dira! Onair Player also includes its own integrated segue/crossfade editor. Like the original dira! X-Mix, this is a three-track editor with the two main tracks available for arranging and crossfading items while the third track is reserved for drop-in jingles and voice-over recording, also available directly from inside the Onair Player screen.



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