Rycote USM sales yield first charitable donation

When the USM (Universal Studio Mount) was launched in January, Rycote committed to donating £1 from every mount sold to a recognised charity.
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When the USM (Universal Studio Mount) was launched in January, Rycote committed to donating £1 from every mount sold to a recognised charity. After careful consideration, the company directors selected the not-for-profit Future Light Children’s Home in Tak province, north-western Thailand, which provides a home to 40 orphans from Myanmar (Burma).

Founded in 2006 by a Thai couple and now run by volunteers Jennifer Lo and Natasha Whiting, the Future Light home was begun to provide accommodation for several orphans from over the nearby border with Myanmar, who were discovered begging under a bridge in the village of Mae Sot. The home has moved and expanded several times since, taking on more children from a variety of broken homes and poverty-stricken households in Myanmar, and now occupies a large wooden house built by volunteer effort. Nearly 40 children are currently housed at Future Light (numbers continue to grow), and over 30 of them now attend the nearby Baan Taad school daily.

Rycote’s donation to the Future Light home consisted of the total of all the £1 donations on every USM sold between January and August 2010. Natasha Whiting, one of the directors at Future Light, commented: “These children have all gone through so much in their short lives; now they are happy and well looked after, and eager to learn and experience new things. With your help they can have a brighter, happier future than the beginnings they have had. Many thanks for all your support.”

Simon Davies, Rycote’s managing director, added: “We’re delighted to be able to assist Future Light’s hard efforts to forge a proper start in life for these children, and we look forward to helping them again in the future.”



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