Rycote Full Windshield Kit

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 What is it?A complete modular system offering maximum isolation from wind and handling noise. DetailsRycote's Full Windshield Kit can be configured to allow almost any microphone to be shock-mounted and provided with varying degrees of windshielding. Components may be ordered separately, or as one of a series of kits, which simplify the selection process for many common configurations. The Kit comprises the following three main components: Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer. The Modular Suspension provides complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises by supporting the microphone in a cradle arrangement using Lyre suspension webs. The Windshield basket completely surrounds the microphone and its connector, sliding onto the Modular Suspension to provide up to 25dB of wind noise attenuation. The Windjammer is a synthetic fur cover, designed to fit perfectly over the Modular Windshield providing an additional 10dB of wind noise attenuation. Rycote supplies a range of ten variations on the basic Kit for use with shotgun microphones up to 540mm in length.



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