RTW 10500X-Plus

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What is it?A digital monitor for visualising two-channel digital audio in professional applications such as broadcast, pre and post production environments, music production and mastering. DetailsThe 10500X-Plus incorporates a 6.5” VGA colour display designed to provide extensive information about all essential parameters such as peak level, volume, SPL, ITU/EBU loudness, frequency spectrum, as well as AES3 signal status. The measurement functions selected by the user are permanently visible in up to three display sections. The design includes a two-channel, multi-standard PPM displaying the peak level of stereo channels with integrated loudness and peak hold indicators on high-resolution bargraphs. A separate bargraph shows the summed SPL/Leq level. Other features include easy change between PPM and loudness metering via programmed presets, an AES/EBU status monitor and a VGA output for external display. The 10500X-Plus conforms to EBU R128 and displays the ITU-R BS.1770(k) weighted momentary loudness for the stereo channels on high-resolution bargraphs. Two additional bargraphs optionally display the summed momentary loudness of all channels, the mean momentary value for short-time periods or the loudness value of an integrated reading for a longer time period (infinite or manual). The design also includes a stereo sound analyser for visualising the interaction of the parameters of stereo signals, plus a 1/3 octave real-time analyser which displays the spectral distribution of individual channels or the stereo channel pair using 31 bands at 1/3-octave intervals.



Studer Vista integrates RTW for loudness

Console manufacturer Studer is to integrate the RTW TM7 TouchMonitor loudness meter into models in its Vista product range, writes Kevin Hilton. The deal was announced this week at the CABSAT show in Dubai (28 February).