Riedel tucks into FIS Alpine Ski World Cup

The 2013 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, held in February in Schladming, Austria featured several Riedel Communications wireless camera solutions and signal distribution services.
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Riedel Communications supplied several wireless camera solutions and signal distribution services for the 2013 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, held in February in Schladming, Austria.

Working with Munich-based sono Studiotechnik, Riedel installed a fibre network comprising 42 MediorNet mainframes and 60 RockNet digital audio interfaces.
Riedel also introduced its new lightweight and compact wireless RiCam POV camera system that was integrated into the racers' goggle straps to capture live images from their perspective.
The Riedel fibre backbone accommodated 92 cameras, 160 HD video signals, 200 audio signals, and Ethernet and intercom in a single infrastructure. For venue communications, Riedel deployed three Artist digital matrix mainframes and a TETRA digitally trunked radio network, which were used for the TV production, the opening ceremony proceedings, and by the Audi shuttle service.
"Our goal is always to provide our customers with a competitive edge," said Thomas Riedel, founder and CEO of Riedel Communications. "Spectacular pictures are the key to achieving prime time exposure, and we're pleased that both our innovative wireless camera and our robust fibre network are helping broadcasters to make alpine skiing an even more compelling viewing experience." www.riedel.net



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