Riedel, RTL and F1 celebrate six years together

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Riedel Communications is celebrating the sixth year of its partnership with Germany's Formula 1 host broadcaster, RTL.

RTL has, since 2008, leveraged the Riedel RiLink global fibre service to provide bidirectional links between race circuits and the broadcast station in Cologne. Riedel's Artist and MediorNet platforms are also used for communications and signal acquisition and distribution at the various race venues around the world (19 of them in 2014).

"When it comes to broadcasting a first-class event such as Formula 1, a strong and reliable partnership is an absolute must," says Fritz Behringer, technical operations manager at Cologne Broadcasting Center, a part of the RTL Group. "We have been working with Riedel's RiLink for many years. As soon as the fiber cable is connected to our production unit, all systems wake up, connect to their hosts instantaneously, and start sending files or messages. Riedel is connecting two worlds for us: broadcast and IT."

 A diagram of RTL's networked F1 production (click for full-size)

A diagram of RTL's networked F1 production (click for full-size)

RTL transfers the international programme video signal and additional signals from its electronic newsgathering teams on location at each of the race venues to its playout center in Cologne. During off-peak hours when there is no signal transmission, RTL uses the additional capacity for other purposes such as file transfers to its archive in Cologne, which can be carried out automatically in managed workflows.

Riedel has been supplying communication systems to motorsports events for more than 25 years. In addition to providing comms solutions for broadcasters like as RTL, Riedel also supplies equipment to numerous Formula 1 teams and the sport's governing body, the FIA.


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Riedel celebrating MediorNet success

GERMANY: Riedel Communications debuted the new signal transport solution at the NAB exhibition in April, reports David Davies. The new system combines signal transport, routing and signal processing, and conversion into one integrated real-time network. It is designed for both simple point-to-point connections and specification in a network that includes signal routing.

IP intercom compliance first for Riedel

Riedel has become the first manufacturer to adopt the recently published EBU Tech 3347 standard for broadcast intercom over IP networks, writes Kevin Hilton. The technical document was published at the end of February and outlines requirements for interoperability among communications systems using voice over IP (VoIP).