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Red TX captures St. Olaf Choir in Norway

Armed with a selection of DPA, Schoeps and AKG microphones, audio broadcast specialists Red TX drove its large Red II OB truck to Trondheim, Norway to record a performance by internationally renown St. Olaf Choir.

UK-based audio for broadcast specialists Red TX drove its large Red II music recording truck all the way to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway to record a classical concert by the internationally renown St. Olaf Choir in celebration of its centenary. The two-day recording of America’s pioneer a cappella choir was captured for broadcast and subsequent DVD and Blu-ray release which will be aired in America as a one hour Christmas special in December 2013. Jeffrey O’Donnell, St. Olaf’s director of broadcast/media services and audio producer for this project, said: “Red TX was recommended by Visions/NEP and although this is the first time we have worked with the company, we were very impressed by their professional approach to what was a complex project. We’ve been delivering audio in 5.1 since the previous Trondheim program in 2005 and Red TX was more than able to accommodate this requirement. I’m very grateful to Red TX for an amazing job well done – and to Visions for connecting us together in the first place!” In consultation with O’Donnell, Red TX’s director Tim Summerhayes suggested a selection of microphones including DPA, Schoeps and AKG. “We used Schoeps MK2 systems, suspended at a height of about four meters, to capture the two choirs and the congregation,” Summerhayes explained. “We also suspended DPA mobile 5100 surround microphones at about six meters in the centre of the performance area to give the impression of the size of the choir and of the cathedral. For the brass quartet, we used two DPA 3521s compact mics on DPA’s ORTF mic mount. The clarity was very impressive and blended into the mix seamlessly. For the piano, we opted for a pair of AKG 414s.” Catherine Allan, executive producer from Twin Cities Public Television, who co-produced the project, concluded: “The programme will be a one hour Christmas special and there will also be an extended DVD and Blu-ray release, made by St. Olaf. We hope that (Norwegian national broadcaster) NRK will purchase the special for broadcast and we will be seeking additional distribution.”