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PSNPresents: Making sound invisible for the Royal Opera (VIDEO)

In the fifth video from March's inaugural event, Steve Zissler talks invisible sound and technological advancement at the the Royal Opera House

Did you miss the inaugural PSNPresents, the rapturously received first instalment in a series of new social events hosted by PSNEurope, at the Ham Yard Hotel in London on 12 March? Never fear – for those of you too busy/lazy/scared of Soho to attend, over the next few weeks we’re going to be posting most of it on our YouTube channel for you to watch from the comfort of your lovely safe houses.

In the fifth video from the event (the first three are at PSNPresents: Why would anyone become a live sound engineer? (VIDEO), PSNPresents: Robb Allan, Chicky Reeves and Ben Hammond’s worst gigs ever, PSNPresents: Mixing in the age of social media (VIDEO) and PSNPresents: “I wish they’d invent that…” (VIDEO)) and the second from the broadcast/theatre sound Q&A with Steve Zissler (Royal Opera House), Jonathan Suffolk (National Theatre) and Scott Talbott and Andy Tapley (BBC Studios and Post Production), Zissler reveals what it’s like being an audio engineer in a venue where sound reinforcement is “not to be seen nor heard”…