Pro Motion Hire pays for Rent

Broadcast equipment rental company Pro Motion Hire has bought the Rent and Eurocrew Worldwide subsidiaries of The Farm Group for a six-figure amount, writes Kevin Hilton.
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Broadcast equipment rental company Pro Motion Hire has bought the Rent and Eurocrew Worldwide subsidiaries of The Farm Group for a six-figure amount, writes Kevin Hilton. The Farm's former hire and crewing arms will keep their current names, with Rent hiring out sound, camera and video equipment from serviced offices in Soho.

Pro Motion Hire, which has premises in London and Brighton, reported doubled revenues for this year, with £1 million invested in new stock. The agreement to buy Rent and Eurocrew is designed to give Pro Motion a "dedicated base" in Soho, from which it can hire out production and post-production gear and exploit an extensive contacts database of freelancers.

A full-time home in Soho is being sought for Rent's booking team, while Eurocrew, which is run by personnel from its sister company, will carry on operating in the Square Mile. Operational and technical staff will work out of Pro Motion's headquarters in Waterloo on a temporary basis. No redundancies have been made as part of the buy-out and a recruitment campaign is due to begin during 2011.

"The acquisition of Rent and Eurocrew Worldwide makes perfect sense for us as we continue to grow," comments Duncan Martin, a director of Pro Motion Hire. "Both companies have a great DNA in the industry, as well as fantastic staff and resources that will be valuable assets to our business." Recent programmes that have used Pro Motion equipment include Red Bull Bedroom Jam for Que Pasa Productions (pictured).

Nicky Sargent, joint managing director of The Farm Group, adds, "We wanted the best for Rent and Eurocrew Worldwide and Pro Motion Hire is the ideal fit. From our many dealings with Pro Motion we know they have the focus and expertise to take the companies to the next level of success."

Rent stocks a range of cameras, VTRs and solid state recorders, with a sound portfolio that includes Sennheiser radio and wireless mics and Audio Limited and Sony radio systems. Pro Motion Hire's audio department also has a range of mics, both lapel and handheld. It offers a sound kit for production work, comprising: SQN 4/55 mixer, Sennheiser 416 with Panamic boom, an Electrovoice RE50 stick mic, two RMS2020 radio mics, two Sony ECM776 lavaliers and beyerdynamic DT100 headphones.

Duncan Martin observes that pro audio operators working on high-end production usually have their own equipment, so Pro Motion's sound rentals are often for broadcast work such as OBs, documentaries and daytime television. "While the kit is used regularly, it's often supplied 'as standard' to a production rather than a specific piece of audio equipment being requested," he says.



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