Outline brings live sound to 4K cinema

Italy’s leading cinema company, UCI Italia, chose an Outline sound system for two high profile screenings.
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UK-based rock act Muse has released the first ever concert film shot in 4K Ultra High Definition. Muse live at Rome Olympic Stadium was recorded in ultra-HD in front of a 60,000-strong crowd in July 2013.

In order to deliver a hard-hitting “live” sound for the 4K screening, Italy’s leading cinema company, UCI Italia, chose an Outline sound system for its UCI Bicocca venue, one of only twenty theatres selected around the world for the high profile event.

Six Outline Movie series enclosures were installed behind the screen, including three Movie B215s for low frequencies and three Movie H102s for mid to high frequencies.

The system used for the screening also included four Outline LAB 21 HS SP self powered subwoofers, which the company claims to be the “world's most compact and lightweight subwoofer with a 21" woofer.”

Processing was carried out via Outline’s Genius M412 matrix for the left, right, centre and subwoofer channels.

Another Outline-equipped UCI cinema recently hosted the Italian preview of the Hollywood film Monuments Men, attended by the complete cast, led by George Clooney (pictured).

The event was held at the UCI Pioltello in Milan and the system comprised of three Movie H102 mid to high horns, three Movie B215 bass units, two Movie S218 subwoofers and 24 Movie FX81 surround enclosures. Power was supplied by three Outline M5000-4 amplifiers and control via Outline Genius M412 DSP.




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